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It is, therefore, clear that games and sports have a great value in life. But they can also do much harm to students, it they come in the way of their studies. They should be enjoyed only as a means of recreation for a limited time. Excess of everything is bad and it would be misuse of games, if they are played at the cost of studies. Then they shall no longer remain a blessing but shall become a curse. Also, sportsmanship is the essence of sports. A game should be played in the spirit of the game. The nobility of a game should not be lost. Victory is not all that matters, the main thing is the participation in an event. Thus a game should not become a cut-throat event. Losing a game gives an opportunity to show real sportsmanship grace, dignity, generosity and nobility.

Human beings have several needs and requirements. Food, clothing and housing are, no doubt, the essentials in life. For this, everyone has to find some occupation or work in order to make a living. Apart from these, one needs some entertainment or recreation during free or spare hours. Some of these entertain­ments are called hobbies. Hobbies include sport. Sports mean games of a wide range. The main sports are Cricket, Football, Volley-ball, Hockey, Badminton, etc. Games are further divided into two categories—indoor and outdoor games. Sports are known to be of great value. Countless people have dwelt upon the uses of sports.

Discerning the moral value of sports is a good place for church educators to begin. Christian
congregations can also reconceive their educational strategies by identifying ecclesial activities
that have a "practice-like" quality. We are not born knowing how to pray or read the Bible or
extend hospitality to strangers. These are historic practices of the church that have a long history and tradition. We need to become as intentional about teaching children the practice of prayer as we are about teaching them how to play the piano. People don't just pick up a practice without some intentional, sequential, structured learning.(10)

After identifying the fundamental activities that animate Christian faith, congregations can
conduct a local "practice inventory." It is difficult to teach something that we ourselves do not
practice well. Providentially, we are not alone in our educational efforts. The church is a global, trans-historical reality. With our children, we can learn from those who have come before us and with those who are more proficient in some of these practices. And even though we maintain that faith is a gift from God -- not our doing -- we will find our faith deepened and enriched as we embrace the way of life into which these practices invite us.

Families may still drive past our churches on Sunday mornings on their way to soccer games.
People of faith may still share concern over the need for sabbath observance. Churchgoers,
however, need to appreciate how athletic teams bear a family resemblance to congregations: both function as much-needed mediating institutions between public and private life in our complex society. Christians are called to support voluntary associations that contribute to healthy public life. In this spirit, Christians can affirm the moral value of sports while emphasizing that their congregations, too, can initiate young people into a set of life-giving practices... practices that will form their moral character as deeply as -- and ultimately deeper than -- sports.(11)

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