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In the last decade, African governments have made significant step towards war against corruption. In many incidents they are influenced by foreign donors advocating for good governance and transparency as well as domestic pressure to meet the objectives outlined in the campaign manifestos. Professionals put across that nations such as Rwanda, Liberia and Tanzania have made tremendous step towards fighting corruption epidemic. Barack Obama, U.S. president congratulated Ghana’s good governance reputation during his visit in July 2009. However, many countries such as Kenya, South Africa and Nigeria have made inconsequential improvement in the fight against corruption. These three countries have established anti-corruption organizations that aim at preventing, investigating and prosecuting corruption. Though a 2008 research from UN Economic Commission for Africa shown that the anti-corruption agencies in the three countries were futile and incompetent due to their tentative political footing. Often funded and overseen by an executive authority, anti-corruption agencies can be eradicated and leaders in charge to be sidelined or even being forced out of the country for example what happened in Nigeria and Kenya. Also in South Africa the Scorpions investigating unit was eliminated in 2009.

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Ledet (2011), states that it is important to disentangle the various aspects of social capital before generalizing about what it does or does not do. Two major aspects of social capital are recognized in the literature, social networks and values. Generally, membership in groups and other associations represents crosscutting and overlapping networks “that provide the human infrastructure necessary to accomplish economic, political, and social goals”. One of the most frequently mentioned values, or norms, of social capital is interpersonal but also recognized in the literature is a sense of political equality. By differentiating between aspects of social capital rather than aggregating them into a single measure, researchers have uncovered disparities in the way networks and values are related to government quality. From an institutional perspective, corruption arises where public officials have wide authority, little accountability, and perverse incentives. This means the more activities public officials control or regulate; the more opportunities exist for corruption. Rubio (1997) discusses ‘perverse’ social capital as the trust and reciprocity among members in anti-social activities such as corruption and terrorism. He explains that perverse social capital breaks down efficiency within society, rather than enhancing it by stimulating rent-seeking activities (e.g. corruption) and criminal behaviors which furthermore contribute to the strengthening of organizations which perpetuate this situation.

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An Essay: Corruption in India: Introduction Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. It is not easy to define corruption. But in a narrow

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Public apathy to the rampant corrupt practices and their growing indifference to the virtual breakdown of law and order machinery only encourage the anti-social activities. Instead of organising ourselves to fight corruption, black marketing, artificial shortages, we just express helplessness and give vent to impotent rage.

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Gambino Drug Family." Their entire drig business was based in New York City. This paper will mirror the Gambino's nationwide and international structure and operating techniques relating to the drug business. Likewise a contrast of the Gambino's from their past to present function in prohibition, drug nexus, political corruption, and various other criminal activities will be analyzed. Gradually, the Gambino household had different business interests that made them much more noteworthy in the Italian Mafia. The paper will also assess various law enforcement tools, which can be used to against this drug family.

National and international structure and operating approaches related to the drug business

The Gambino's drug business structure and operating approaches come from really sturdy links with the Sicilian Drug trade (Critchley, 2008). Till 1914, there were no genuine laws or borders against the drug market in the U.S. (Critchley, 2008). The Boylan anti-drug Law, enacted by the……

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Corruption in education is a worldwide phenomenon. Corruption in admissions to universities is traditionally considered as one of the most corrupt areas of the education sector. Recent attempts in some countries, such as Russia and Ukraine, to curb corruption in admissions through the abolition of university entrance examinations and introduction of standardized computer graded tests have largely failed. Vouchers for university entrants have never materialized. The cost of corruption is in that it impedes sustainable economic growth. Endemic corruption in educational institutions leads to the formation of sustainable corrupt hierarchies. While higher education in Russia is distinct with widespread bribery, corruption in the US and the UK features a significant amount of fraud. The US is distinct with grey areas and institutional corruption in the higher education sector. Authoritarian regimes, including those in the former Soviet republics, encourage educational corruption and control universities, especially during the election campaigns. This is typical for Russia, Ukraine, and Central Asian regimes, among others. The general public is well aware of the high level of corruption in colleges and universities, including thanks to the media. Doctoral education is no exception, with dissertations and doctoral degrees available for sale, including for politicians. Russian Parliament is notorious for "highly educated" MPs High levels of corruption are a result of universities not being able to break away from their Stalinist past, over bureaucratization, and a clear lack of university autonomy. Both quantitative and qualitative methodologies are employed to study education corruption, but the topic remains largely unattended by the scholars. In many societies and international organizations, education corruption remains a taboo. In some countries, such as certain eastern European countries and certain Asian countries, corruption occurs frequently in universities. This can include bribes to bypass bureaucratic procedures and bribing faculty for a grade. The willingness to engage in corruption such as accepting bribe money in exchange for grades decreases if individuals perceive such behavior as very objectionable, i.e. a violation of social norms and if they fear sanctions in terms of the severity and probability of sanctions.

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Although Roosevelt made substantial concessions to Congress and to state and local governments in the administration of relief, he sought to curb corruption at the state and local level by his influence over the discretionary allocation of relief funds, by establishing offices to investigate complaints of corruption, and, in the long run, by bureaucratizing the administration of public welfare.

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N.D. PP. 1). Yet with the recent wave of anti-American protests can these statements be integrated into a compelling narrative for long-term investment? Specifically, the answer is derived from qualifying the political risk variables associated with respective nation-states.

Risk Variables

While a plethora of political risk models exist, there are definitive items which comprise their ability to predict relative political turbulence. These factors include:

The threat of war, social unrest, disorderly transfers of power, political violence, international disputes, regime changes, institutional ineffectiveness, quality of the bureaucracy, the transparency and fairness of the political system, and levels of corruption and crime. (Economist Intelligence Unit. N.D. PP. 1)

Returning to the Middle East and the unrest of the last 24 months, nation-states in the region have experienced these factors to some degree and have developed scenarios to provide some measure of political certainty. Yet the issue remains whether the dynamism of the……