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b. Show first steps: The best don’t wait for acceptance of their b-school application before getting on with their dreams. You raise you stock immeasurably if you can show you have already taken steps towards the goal you claim to aspire to. Have you done the certifications you need for your career move? Do you have a plan for attracting investors to the business you hope to set up? Convince the committee that you will make it happen no matter what – even if you don’t get into their school, or any school.

The UK government’s immigration policies are supportive of graduates of UK business schools and universities and most importantly the UK Government is committed to helping the brightest and the best make a contribution to the British economy which of course is great for graduates of London Business School (LBS) as you are just that.

A major strength of London Business School (LBS) is its with their wide range of financial backgrounds. They are consultants to leading banks, associate editors of prestigious academic journals and board members of advisory boards for international finance organisations. As a student of the School, you will be put at the centre of global finance. You will gain access to the latest finance research and techniques, master a wide range of financial tools and fill crucial gaps in your knowledge with the Masters in Finance.

So, here’s how you can prioritize both before and during your time at business school:

If you are looking to gain more global exposure then the GBEs offered at London Business School are perfect ways to immerse yourself in an international business environment. GBEs provide opportunities for you to build on your academic frameworks and to test your knowledge in dynamic financial markets.

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As more business schools begin to utilize the GMAC’s Common LOR form, make sure you stay abreast of the latest and greatest information, as this form can certainly save all those who are involved in the recommendation process tons of time.

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Cornell’s Tech MBA offers an accelerated program that gets students back into the job force quickly, while still offering the Johnson School’s world-renowned core business curriculum. With a quick, one-year completion timeline, this program represents an ideal format for those looking to get back into the workforce as soon as possible. Also, for those already deep in their career and who cannot afford too much time away from their companies, this focused curriculum and accelerated timeline makes a ton of sense.

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Business schools love applicants who love them, so the more you can show your passion and excitement for the program you are applying to, the better off you will be. Passion can come across in a few different ways, the most accessible of which is via the essays. A well-written essay that oozes enthusiasm is not only a good read, but also really makes the candidate memorable and thus, stand out to the Admissions Committee. In addition, in-person interactions like class visits, information sessions and interviews can go a long way in differentiating a passionate candidate and allow the application to really jump off the page.

MBA Essays for top 20 business schools – Check here to know the MBA essay questions required for MBA Applications for the academic year 2016–2017.

There are many facets of the typical business school application. Application components like one’s GMAT score, resume, and essays always garner a strong amount of attention from applicants year in and year out. These components tend to have a pretty straightforward submission process. When it comes to procuring letters of recommendation, however, both the formal and informal submission processes may be less clear.

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However, if the relationship is legit and if the person has considerable sway with the university, the program, or in the general business community, this type of recommendation can be really positive. The business school admissions process is very holistic, so schools will take information like this into consideration.

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Knowing how to write a great thank you note will really come in handy during your business school journey – you’ll send them to recommenders to thank them for writing your letters of recommendation, to school representatives you encounter during campus visits, and to company representatives you meet during corporate presentations while at school. There are definitely some things you should avoid doing, however, when crafting these notes.

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