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And it was not even a new thing when King wrote Annie into existence; fandom has been pressuring creators at least since Sir Arthur Conan Doyle sent Sherlock Holmes over the side of Reichenbach Falls, and who knows how audience reactions helped mold the telling of ancient Greek myths. There's always been a push and a pull between creator and fan, and while it can sometimes be negative it was, historically, generally positive. Fans used to raise their voices to save canceled TV shows or to support niche comic books, but now that we live in a world where every canceled show comes to Netflix or gets a comic book tie-in or lives on as a series of novels the fans have stopped defending the stuff they love and gotten more and more involved in trying to shape it. And not through writing or creating but by yelling and brigading and, more and more, threatening death.

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These verses clearly call attention to our powerlessnesswhen it comes to death. It sweeps through our lives, often withoutwarning, and nothing can prevent it. They also point out howmost people hide their heads in the sand, pretending death willnever affect them, that this life will go on forever. After readingthis, I realized it was true; I never thought my mother wouldbe taken so suddenly and so soon. I wanted to turn back the clockand tell her so many things that, now, I will never be able tosay. Grief over the loss of someone I love so much has, overthe past months, opened me up, deepened my understanding of howtemporal life is and how much more important people are than anythingelse. My heart was torn open, and I experienced my own humanityperhaps more than I ever have. Life has an urgency now, I feelimpelled to enjoy others more fully, to assess my time carefully,to be in the present as much as I can. I must be in this momentbecause I will never have this moment, with this person, again. But my new awareness is not the Nirvana that is mentioned. Whatdoes Nirvana have to do with death, and can Buddhism give a moreprecise idea of what death is?

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Essays Death Venice Through the Columbia Summer Program in Venice, students learn about the art, literature, culture, and society of Venice and the Veneto region while also having the.

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This has made a recent swath of beautiful essays a surprise. In different publications over the past few weeks, I've stumbled upon writers who were contemplating final days. These are, no doubt, hard stories to read. I had to take breaks as I read about Paul Kalanithi's experience facing metastatic lung cancer while parenting a toddler, and was devastated as I followed Liz Lopatto's contemplations on how to give her ailing cat the best death possible. But I also learned so much from reading these essays, too, about what it means to have a good death versus a difficult end from those forced to grapple with the issue. These are four stories that have stood out to me recently, alongside one essay from a few years ago that sticks with me today.

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Kalanthi began noticing symptoms — "weight loss, fevers, night sweats, unremitting back pain, cough" — during his sixth year of residency as a neurologist at Stanford. A CT scan revealed metastatic lung cancer. Kalanthi writes about his daughter, Cady and how he "probably won't live long enough for her to have a memory of me." Much of his essay focuses on an interesting discussion of time, how it's become a double-edged sword. Each day, he sees his daughter grow older, a joy. But every day is also one that brings him closer to his likely death from cancer.

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