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This essay, therefore, seeks to define a PDP and clarify the benefits that can be gained from a PDP if used in the right way. A Personal Development Plan can be defined as the process of establishing activities or actions that one will carry out in order to progress (Gibbs et al. 2005). The main foundation of a PDP is development. However, a PDP should not only focus on personal development, but instead should focus on development in its totality. That is, it should encompass personal, professional, organisational and occupational development (Pettinger 2002). It is this totality nature that makes a PDP useful to both the organization and the individual employee (Latham 2007). It is, therefore, right to say that the PDP helps to create a positive bond between the employee and the employer. This is because it unites them to work towards the same goal. In addition, a PDP should consider the needs of an individual, needs of the organization and priorities at local and national level with equal magnitude.

...The Use Of Personal Development Plans Management Essay Every large organisation has a performance management system to assist it in effectively achieving its objectives from sections to the individual employee (Lawler). Human resource management (HRM) is crucial to the organisation's performance. HRMs manage the most valuable assets of the organisations - the individual employees. The performance of the organisation and its divisions are dependent on the collective functions of individual employees (Widener). Those employees represent the human capital which can grow within an organisation to increase productivity within organisation in order to make it more competitive against rivals in the local and global markets (Abu-Nahleh et al. 2010). A personal development plan integrated with an appraisal system will be a key took in making sure that each individual employee's potential is fully made used of towards the progress of the organisational goal (Taticchi et al. 2010). Job satisfaction, motivation and the general morale of the employees are not taken into account in a rewards or forced distribution performance management system. These factors may directly or indirectly impact on the organisational performance. For example, a high employee turnover rate, resulting from low morale to personal reasons, is costly to an organisation. Employees who resign will take away valuable knowledge, expertise and client networks with them. Furthermore, the organisation will have to spend...

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Essay 2: Prepare a personal career development plan Abstract In this essay my medium to long term career objectives are identified as completing a PhD and working towards chartership in a large occupational psychology consultancy. The background to these aims is outlined. I consider my aptitude for such goals in relation to frameworks including the Myers Briggs Type Inventory, Schein's Career Anchors and Holland's Vocational Types. The usefulness of these kinds of measures is briefly examined. Finally, some potential pitfalls are identified and contingencies are discussed. Career Objectives My long term career objective is to become a chartered occupational psychologist working within a respected consultancy. Prior to this, I aim to complete a PhD in a related field. At present, I am particularly interested in employee motivation and envisage completion of extensive research in this area should be an advantage when applying to a consultancy for employment. Although a PhD is not an essential requirement to becoming a consultant it has been a long-held ambition of mine and one which I am hoping to achieve before entering the workforce. I believe that by gaining a broader knowledge and understanding of research my employability will increase as I will be able to offer a better command of methods that are often used in consultancy.

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