increasing drug use among teens.

One of the largest problems in society today is teenage drug abuse. After a

Most of the behavioral issues and problems among the teen can be traced back traced back to the use of drugs. A lot of teens who are associated with gang like activities usually engage in drugs. Some of the drugs for example cocaine, bhang, morphine etc are usually expensive and for an addict to support this habit, they engage in activities e.g. robbery, shoplifting, prostitution etc.

When the teen, engages in the drug abuse he/lacks decide to push forward his/her dreams because at that particular time, it is not an important factor in their life. Their main drive is where and when they are going to get their next fix and nothing or no-one else matters. This has led to increase in delinquent behavior and suicide among the teens.

Wherever a teenager engages in drugs he/she looses focuses in life and all the activities that pertains to it for example education. Getting education becomes a thing that is not necessary in their life, hence leading to school-drop out at the high school level. The teen feels and sees that he/she doesn’t not belong in school and it’s hindering him/her from enjoying life. This initially starts with poor class attendance when the teen cuts classes to either get fix or is high hence can’t attend school. It the teen was someone who used to perform well in class, the teachers start noting dropping of performance in the grades. After a service of intervention with the teen, he/she just looses the need for attending school then eventually drops.

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Teen drug abuse affects everyone in that home whether it’s directly or indirectly. Most parents blame themselves for not doing or saying or action enough to stop their teen from taking and actually sometimes its not their fault. Drug abuse has a trickle affect in the family and can lead to other members for example younger siblings have issues with behavior, personality due to the emotional turmoil. It has also resulted in sometimes the separation of parents because they end up blaming each other, leading to divorce, lack of communication. Among the friends of the teen who engages the drug habit, they stop interacting because the teen doesn’t share in his/her activity. It has been observed that most families that need the services of e.g. a psychologist have a teen that engages in drug abuse and hence results in family problems and issues

How do you recommend preventing teen drug abuse?

All the above reasons support why drug abuse among the teen should be discouraged and stop by all means. While the above reasons are very serious, its one thing to raise the factors that contribute to the teen drug abuses i.e. the factors that promote this behavior. The society feels that these factors can be dealt with, but unfortunately they still promote and at times justify the use of drugs among the teens. These factors are;

Common reasons teens abuse drugs include:

There are several causes for the increased number of teenage drug users in the country.

Other cause of drug abuse is peer pressure that means ours relationship sometimes is cause us join in something or in order to maintain that relationship. Teenage time is the hugest time this situation exist, kid want to be cool or accepted as a part of group so they take a drug as showing off. For example, making new friends, to be a part of a group, someone tries to show off their pressure by drink a lot, smoking and even take a drug.

Some common signs of teen drug abuse include:

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One of the largest problems in society today is teenage drug abuse

The health effects of teen drug use can vary, depending on such factors as frequency of use, the kind of drug taken, how much is taken, how quickly it gets into the brain, what other drugs are taken at the same time, the differences in body size and chemistry, the length of time the drugs are used, and other components. Some, but certainly not all, of the most frequently used drugs and their effects will be discussed in this article.

Introduction. The epidemic of drug abuse has been prevalent high among the teenagers. There has been a lot of studies and research that actually have concl

Biggest problems teen drug abusers get into are health troubles, of course. Drugs can affect every body part, especially lungs, liver, heart and brain. Many heart attacks and death of teens occur because of the often drug abuse or over dose. Overdose happens when teens take more quantity of drugs than what they used to or sometimes when they stumble to pure substance.

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We hope that this essay helped you think a little more about this destructive problem many teens and parents deal with, and that you will pay more attention to your teen’s behavior and attitude about drugs. Data from Illinois clearly say that more parent have to involve in the drug abuse prevention, for the sake of their children.