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In education: computer is media of education in the developed countries. The students of developed countries use computer to prepare their Alternative Computer Essay.

Computers in Education essaysEach year, new technologies hold the promise to alter the way we think and learn. Computers are prevalent everywhere, and they are making.

It is highly likely that in the future there will be comparatively few aspects of our lives that will not be influenced by computer technology. The probability is that it will control more and more forms of communication, transforming fields such as education and business when video-conferencing platforms become more stable. It might even affect romance with more people forming relationships online.

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Computer technology has had a deep impact on the education sector. Computer in education field is the ability of a data base machine to reproduce answer when a instruction is been typed in and the ability to answer the question correctly and effectively.. The advantages of computers in education include an efficient storage and rendition of information, quick information processing and very importantly the saving of paper. Computer teaching plays a key role in the modern systems of education. Students find it easier to refer to the Internet than searching for information in fat reference books.

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Not only are machines now able to deal with many kinds of information at high speed and in large quantities but also it is possible to manipulate these quantities of information so as to benefit from them in entirely novel mays. This is perhaps nowhere truer than in the field of education. One can predict that in a few more years millions of schoolchildren will have access to what Philip of hlacedon’s son Alexander enjoyed as a royal prerogative: the personal services of a tutor as well-informed and responsive as Aristotle. The basis for this seemingly extravagant prediction is not apparent in many examinations of the computer’s role in education today.

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35 per cent of the population in India is illiterate, and only 15 per cent students reach high school. There is shortage of teachers, and teacher absenteeism is an acute problem in publicly owned schools. The need of the hour is to provide such schools with computers and high-speed broadband connectivity that allow both students and teachers to use a wide array of digital resources and provide online professional development for educators.

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The instructor does sit with the student when he or she is training with the devices the FAA approves for the educational computer training. Sometimes a separate computer is used during this process, but the teacher is able to monitor and control the student's flight as well as plan out every detail for him or her at that particular time (United States Gernal Accounting Office, 1999).

For those that are educators, they too have noticed trends with computer-based training. The convenience of learning on the Web has stretched all the possible barriers that occur locally and globally. When it comes to distance learning, the Internet is used to deliver material to the learner, such as Word documents or PowerPoints. However, in other online environments, this is provided through hypertext, which allows the learner more opportunities to explore the information provided as well as to have much interactivity (Khalifa & Lam,……

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There have been immense advances in technology in most aspects of people’s lives, especially in the field of education. Nowadays, an increasing number of students rely on computers for research and to produce a perfect paper for school purposes. Others have decided to leave the original way of learning and to get knowledge through online schools. These changes in the learning process have brought a special concern regarding the possible decrease of importance of teachers in the classroom.

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Although National Curriculum Framework (NCF 2005) and Curriculum Framework for Teacher Education (2006) prepared by National Council For Teacher Education in collaboration with National Council of Educational Research and Training, had urged to focus upon integration of technology with education, yet many universities not bothered to reframe their traditional curriculum for Teacher Education. And those universities who tried to initiate the process were faced by different challenges including lack of specialists and professionals to frame proper curriculum, curriculum as per needs of modern developing India with global economy, teacher educators and study material for such curriculum etc. There are indeed many specialized teachers and a plethora of study material for technical knowledge in computers, but we lack teacher educators and resources for teaching computers in relation to education. We indeed lack Teacher Educators who are willing to integrate technology with education.

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In order to meet the challenges provided by present society, many universities in the field of Teacher Education had introduced an optional course in computers. This only brought awareness about computers in the field of Teacher Education. The student-teachers were made to know about basic computer hardware and some software application packages. But keeping in mind the interest and psychology of modern learner, many universities tried to ‘Integrate Technology with Education’. They primarily focused upon use of computers in education hence; they initiated to teach a core paper “Computers in Education” with other foundation papers in education, so as to initiate a process of making a relation between teacher-computer-student.